Fall Ball?

Proposed Fall Schedule

We will go for 8 weeks, the first week being a pre-season game on Friday August, 28 and continue for 7 more weeks each Friday until Friday, October 16.

We are hoping to get field space with San Carlos Parks and Recreation. We would like the first half of the season on grass with the remainder of four weeks at Highlands to avoid rain outs.

Modified Play for Covid-19

  1. All players will be temperature screened with a contactless thermometer before being allowed to play. Any player with a temperature greater than 99.8 degrees Fahrenheit can not play. 

  2. Prior to play, all flags will be wiped down with disinfectant. All coaches, refs and players hands will wash their hands.

  3. Masks should be worn by spectators, or they must be 6 feet away.

  4. Players will not wear masks as they present a choking hazard that may be accidentally grabbed and they interfere with a mouthguard.

  5. Three balls will be used in each game. 1 ball in play, 1 ball being washed, 1 ball ready to be played. The offense is responsible getting the ball into play and ball washing. If the ball has not been touched by anyone other than players or the ref it can be continued to be used. However if the ball is touched by someone else, the ready ball should be used. On a change of possession, a new ball should be used. All three balls must be given to the offense.

  6. After each play, players who pull the flag, or had their flag pulled, must go to their sideline, and be replaced with other players. During this time, they should wash their hands and flags if pulled and be ready for the next play.

  7. Coaches should wear a mask in the huddle.

  8. Instead of a 30 second clock, a 45 second clock will be used.

  9. No bunch formations, offensive players should line-up a minimum of 2 feet from each other.

  10. No High-Fives. Alternative no-touch expressions should be used instead.

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