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YepSF Flag is now part of Gridiron Football

YepSF & Gridiron Football

New Opportunities

Our football league has merged with the fastest growing youth national football league of over 80,000 players: Gridiron Football. Danny Williams and Mike Takamoto have made it so that YepSF will now have the backing of a venture group that ensures we have resources to develop and expand new youth football programs.


YepSF will be expanding to nearby cities up and down the Peninsula, offering the possibility of inter-league play and tournaments. We intend to have several locations in nearby cities and encourage play in city vs city competitions to foster community spirit and friendly inter-city competition.


With more locations, we'll also be able to offer all-girls leagues for the girls who want to compete with other girls in the area.


We know that the pandemic is severely curtailing our ability to provide programs now, but we are planning for a possible clinics/camps this spring and launch a league programs as conditions allow.


What does this mean?

It means YepSF will be expanding its offerings:

  • RECREATIONAL FLAG. Of course we will continue with our Recreational Flag Football Program. It provides the safest and most effective way to learn the sport. With structured rules, great officiating and advanced team rostering, Recreational Flag Football offers a safe, fair and fun experience for every age and skill level.

  • COMPETITIVE FLAG provides a safe and fun environment, but we add a level of competition as well as a greater focus on player skill development. It’s perfect for an entire team or an individual seeking a safe, competitive gameday.

  • 7-ON-7 FOOTBALL is a highly competitive non-contact game designed to develop the passing game for football players. With fast paced gameplay that focuses on the throwing game, 7-on-7 is designed to develop football IQ in a safe environment. With seven players on each team, the game starts from each team’s 40 yard line. There’s no tackling, no linemen, minimal gear and soft-shell helmets.

  • FLEX FOOTBALL. Flex Football is a specialized gameplay designed to improve skilled position football players as well as linemen. Designed from the ground up to focus on technique and an understanding of the game in a fast paced, limited contact environment where blocking is allowed.

  • CLINICS From learning the fundamentals to executing endzone plays, Football Clinics provide a premier day-long youth football camp. From the moment they enter one of our academies, players enjoy 1-on-1 elite instruction from some of the nation’s top former players and high school coaches. With a focus on skill position development and gameday readiness, Clinics helps build better players for gameday.

Stay Tuned for more details.

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