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A Proud Bay-Area Non-Profit

YepSF was founded to enhance the lives of Bay Area youth through sports and fitness. Our goal at YepSF is simple: to deliver the best sports and fitness programs for children at an affordable rate.We provide the most positive and encouraging coaches and create an atmosphere which enables children to grow into their true selves.

YepSF is based in San Francisco and San Carlos and is a 5013c not-for-profit organization.

Hands in shape of heart
Sportsmanship | Encouragement | Fun | Kaizen

We believe that life-lessons can and should be taught through sports.  Treating each other with respect, especially team mates and opponents,  handling adversity, and perseverance are lessons that we would like to pass on to the next generation.



We vow to encourage the children and to use positive communication to help build self esteem and to ensure that each individual feels great about being his/herself.



The older we get, the harder it is to just enjoy the moment and have some good ol-fashioned F.U.N.  It is our goal to make sure every child has a smile on their face.  Sports and exercise in general are a huge thrill for children and we would like to provide the most fun and comforting environment for them.  


Kaizen (Continuous improvement)

We are committed to constant improvement and value your input. Please feel free to leave us feedback.

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