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Friendship Friday
On Friendship Friday, we encourage campers to bring a friend. See next page for details. The day is filled with fun games that allow the camper’s to compete with and against their friends. Sports with partners or pairs will be featured. What to wear: Camp T-Shirt

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Movement Mondays
We play introductory games that are inclusive, simple, and most importantly fun. What to wear: Camp T-Shirt (will be supplied)

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Team Tuesdays
Team sports are featured throughout the day. Coaches will show players how to be a good teammate. Campers will learn how to be humble winners and how to overcome adversity. What to wear: Camp T-Shirt

Theme Thursday
This week’s theme is Harry Potter. What to wear: Colors of your favorite Hogswart house, glasses, (please use stuff you have, no need to purchase anything.) Gryffindor: Maroon & Yellow, Slytherin: Green & Silver, Ravenclaw: Blue & Silver, Hufflepuff: Black & Yellow

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Wacky Wednesdays
Children are encouraged to step out of their shells and show their true colors. The day features “wacky” sports. Campers learn that its okay to be themselves. What to wear: Wacky clothes (please use stuff you have, no need to purchase anything.)

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