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San Carlos Turkeybowl​

December 1, Highlands Park

200-298 Aberdeen Dr, San Carlos, CA 94070

This tournament features the coach as Quarterback. Coaches have 5 seconds to throw the ball or hand it off. We will follow all the same rules of NFL Flag, but the coach cannot run with the ball or receive a pass or hand-off. However, as the coach, and QB, you're right there with the kids. We encourage dads and moms to get their neighborhood teams together of up to 4-6 kids (boys and girls) and register as a team. If you want your child to play but don't have a team, we'll assign him/her to a team and coach.

Elite Flag Football Player Contest

We'll have a free contest open to all kids. We'll have various flag football-related skills tests and prizes for the Elite Flag Football players.

YepSF Coach as Quarterback Rules: 

  1. Coaches must attend mandatory 30 min training.

  2. Each team must have shirts that are the same color. White T-Shirts will be supplied to each player/coach for use when you are "visiting team."

  3. Coaches can have up to six players on a team.

  4. On offense 4 players & 1 coach are on the field.

  5. On defense 5 players are on the field, no coach.

  6. Coaches can throw, handoff, and run behind line of scrimmage but may not cross it.

  7. Coaches have 5 seconds after the snap to get rid of the ball, otherwise ball is down at line of scrimmage.

  8. Coaches may not receive a hand-off or a pass.

  9. Game time is two 12 minute halves.

  10. 30 second play clock after the ref places the ball.

  11. Have fun, it's just a game. All other rules will be the NFL Flag rules.

Age Divisions:

5-6 Nanos, 7-8 Minis, 9-10 Juniors, 11-12 Seniors, 13-14 Masters.

Players can play up a division but not down. Players must be age or under limit as of August 1, 2019.

Teams must have 4 players but no more than 6. Coaches must be 16 years or older. Trophies awarded for top finishers.

Fee: $250 if registering as a team, $50 if registering as an individual.