San Carlos Turkeybowl​

November 27, Carlmont High School

1400 Alameda de Las Pulgas, Belmont, CA 94002

10:00 am - 4:00 pm.

This tournament features the coach as Quarterback. Coaches have 5 seconds to throw the ball or hand it off. We will follow all the same rules of NFL Flag, but the coach cannot run with the ball or receive a pass or receive a hand-off. However, as the coach, and QB, you're right there with the kids. We encourage dads and moms to get their neighborhood teams together of up to 4-6 kids (boys and girls) and register as a team. 2 game minimum, and playoffs in the afternoon.

Elite Flag Football Player Contest

We'll have a free contest open to all kids. We'll have various flag football-related skills tests and prizes for the Elite Flag Football players.

YepSF Coach as Quarterback Rules: 

  1. Coaches must attend mandatory 30 min training.

  2. Each team must have shirts that are the same color. White T-Shirts will be supplied to each player/coach for use when you are "visiting team."

  3. Coaches can have up to six players on a team.

  4. On offense 4 players & 1 coach are on the field.

  5. On defense 5 players are on the field, no coach.

  6. Coaches can throw, handoff, and run behind line of scrimmage but may not cross it.

  7. Coaches have 5 seconds after the snap to get rid of the ball, otherwise ball is down at line of scrimmage.

  8. Coaches may not receive a hand-off or a pass.

  9. Game time is two 12 minute halves.

  10. 30 second play clock after the ref places the ball.

  11. Have fun, it's just a game. All other rules will be the NFL Flag rules.

Age Divisions:

5-6 Nanos, 7-8 Minis, 9-10 Juniors, 11-12 Seniors, 13-14 Masters.

Players can play up a division but not down. Players must be at age or under limit as of August 1, 2019.

Teams must have 4 players but no more than 6, coach excluded. Coaches must be 16 years or older. Team name will be engraved on Trophies awarded for top finishers.

Free registration for the fist 4 Teams in each division. After that Fee: $250 per team.