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Three Reason's Flag Football is a Great Sport for Girls! (and everyone else too!)!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Flag football is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. In fact the high schools in San Francisco have been playing flag football as a varsity sport for girls. Here are some of the reasons flag football is a great game for girls.

San Carlos girls at a NFL Flag regional tournament

  1. Flag football is a great for giving girls confidence. Girls may fall victim to the thinking that boys can do better than girls. However, flag football is primarily about speed, coordination, and catching and throwing; skills that for the most part put boys and girls on equal footing, especially at younger ages. In flag football, there is no blocking and tackling; superior strength is not an asset. Girls find out that they are right there with the boys and compete with and against them. This gives them on-field confidence that translates to off-field self-esteem.

  2.  Flag football is great for cross training. Most of the time, those who play flag football also play other sports. Flag football is great for cross training. It develops great hand-eye coordination, footwork and sports communication.

  3. Flag football is easy to start with and succeed. There are many different roles and positions in flag football and everyone can contribute. From being a receiver on a 1 yard pattern to being the quarterback and throwing a precise strike; there are a range of opportunities. 

Lastly, and most importantly, flag football is fun! The girls pictured are all from San Carlos who are all attending college and doing well. Some of them continue to play flag football in college and have a blast doing it. Playing at a young age gave them the confidence to play the sport and have fun.

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